Discover Ryan's Shed Plans and Woodworking Projects (new window)
Discover Ryan's Shed Plans and Woodworking Projects (new window)
Discover Ryan's Shed Plans and Woodworking Projects (new window)

How to Prepare Ground for Shed

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How To Build A Shed In 10 Steps - Outdoor Storage Shed

So you need a storage shed to keep your outdoor items properly protected. You have shopped around to see what’s available, but you just can’t find one that suits your needs. Well, that’s no problem. You can build one yourself ,even if you’re not a carpenter. All that is required is ,for you to follow some quick and easy step by step plans, and you will have it built in no time.

Step One
Is to determine where you want to build it. You need to have a designated area planned out before you begin. What space you have available will determine the maximum size you can build it.

Step two
Once you know your exact size it’s a good idea to rough sketch what you want. There are many home improvement stores that you can take your sketch to. They will draft up your storage shed  plans for you, according to the specs you provide them with. They will also supply you with a list of materials that you will require. So now you have your plans. In addition they will provide you with a guide on how to perform each step.

Step Three
Purchase the materials you will need as outlined in your plan. it’s a good idea to have everything at hand so you don’t have to keep running out for supplies once you start construction.

Step Four
Now you are ready to start. Level your ground and prepare to lay the foundation. You would have already decided whether you are going to have a wood plank floor or concrete slab type.

Step Five
Next comes the side walls. Put your materials aside that you are going to use for this. It is better to construct the walls on the ground then lift them into position once they are together. Just follow your guide for the how to instructions.

Step Six
Now its time to start the roof. You will need to build your trusses. So construct one and then use it as a template for the rest. Once again  follow your guide on how to build the trusses.

Step Seven
Your storage shed should now be taking on some shape. Its time to build the end walls. How you do this will depend on what you have chosen in your plans. Be sure to stay with your original plans.

Step Eight
Now you are getting down to the final steps. The trim is just as important as the rest of your structure. Its what gives it that finished look so don’t scrimp here.

Step Nine
Your last two steps are applying the shingles for the roof then treating the wood. The wood must have some type of protective coating on it to protect it from the elements and rotting. This can be varnish, stains or paints whatever is your preference.

Step Ten
You’re done! All that’s left is to sit back and admire your completed storage shed. If you hadn’t built it yourself you would think it was a professional store bought model.

Backyard Sheds Plans: Choosing the Foundation That Is Right For You!

When building a backyard yard shed, using backyard sheds plans it is often hard to decide which design element is best to utilize. However, by understanding the different types of foundations available and the pros and cons of each, you can quickly decide which type of foundation you want to use in conjunction with your backyard sheds plan.

Essentially, there are three basic types of foundations. The first is called a concrete slab foundation. Most home and shed builders agree that this is the best way to go in order to provide a substantial, worthy and sturdy foundation. If you are using backyard sheds plans in order to build a very large shed, concrete is definitely your best choice. The problem is that pouring a concrete foundation often takes quite a bit of skill. Once the area is prepared, you may want to consult with a professional about pouring the foundation, especially if your shed is going to be large. If the foundation is poured incorrectly, it can definitely make the construction aspect difficult to say the least.

Often, people use what is called a pier and beam foundation. Most homeowners or construction workers will use 4×4 lumbers as the skids, propped on paving stones or concrete platforms. The paving stones help to level up the lumber and give the backyard shed support. Using skids and beams, is very simple to do and requires very little construction knowledge. It is also a good idea to use this method if you might ever have plans of moving the shed to another location, because it can easily be mobile in the future.

The most temporary and less reliable form of foundation for a backyard shed is to simply use pressure treated wood runners. Essentially, you use pressure treated wood to form a foundation of sorts underneath the flooring of the shed. This is not a sturdy method of erecting a shed, and should definitely only be used in situations that are temporary and when no heavy weight will be stored inside the storage building. It is normally only appropriate for very small sheds.

With all foundation types, it is vital that you properly prepare the plot or area where you plan to construct your shed. The backyard-shed plans you have may give you some good advice about how to exactly do this. If you have extremely unleveled ground, chances are you will need a bobcat to properly level off the land. However, if the area is already pretty clean, you can likely get it level by using a large piece of wood and a level. Remember, that when leveling off land – you have to find that it is level from corner to corner and throughout the middle.

The foundation type you use is definitely a personal choice. However, make sure that you prepare a foundation that is both sturdy and that you do it correctly. Regardless of how well you construct the rest of your backyard shed, the foundation is what will ensure it is sturdy and reliable for years to come.

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