Discover Ryan's Shed Plans and Woodworking Projects (new window)
Discover Ryan's Shed Plans and Woodworking Projects (new window)
Discover Ryan's Shed Plans and Woodworking Projects (new window)

DIY Storage Shed Kit

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Choosing a Proper Outdoor Storage Shed Plan For Your Garden

Your landscaping is completed for the season and it looks great, except for all the garden tools and equipment that are laying around. Obviously there is a need for a storage area. A storage shed would be the perfect answer. The question is how do you go about this? No doubt you are going to need a storage shed plan. First you will need to determine which type of plan you require. This you can only determine by doing your research as to what your requirements are regarding the shed.

You know you want to store all of your garden items. You most likely know what items you have now and what size storage area it would take. But consider any future garden purchases you may make in the future. For example are you thinking of purchasing a new ride on lawn mower, or a snow blower? This are items you may need to store and your new garden shed may become their home., but only if its big enough.

Then where are you going to put the shed? This will partly depend on what area you have available, plus what style you are thinking of going with. Lets say you have two choices of location. One is tucked away in the back of the garden almost out of site, and the other one is at the edge of the flower bed. The one tucked away will be more difficult to get at. They both will accommodate the size of the shed you have in mind. Here’s where your decision of style comes in. If you use the tucked away area, your style can be pretty basic because its not going to interfere with your landscaping. On the other hand if you choose the more open space, they you are going to want a fancier style that will complement your garden. You will have to keep this in mind when you pick your shed plans.

You will need to have at least a rough budget in mind. When you go to get your storage shed plans you may have the option of choosing your plans according to what materials you want to use. Different materials have different price ranges. For example if the basic plan falls well within your budget then perhaps a more deluxe version will be an option for you.

Be practical when choosing your plan. You are probably going to be surprised as to just how much you are going to have to choose from. If you aren’t careful and stick to your own plans you could get carried away quite easily. Most often the plans will give you a picture of the finished projects. You’ll see several that you really like. Some of them look like little cottages. Now look at them realistically, they have to meet all the needs that your have identified. Pick out two or three that you really like and see if they answer these questions.

1. Are they the size that you need?
2. Will it fit in with the area you have chosen?
3. If it requires a building permit will it meet the criteria?
4. Is it simple and easy to understand for the novice?
5. Does it give a complete list of materials, and will these materials be readily available in your area?

If you have gotten all the right answers, then you just need to choose the shed plans you like the best out of the group and get ready to work

How to Make a Storage Shed on a Budget

Now granted making a storage shed is a costly and time consuming affair but that does not mean that you do not have any choices when it comes to making one. Storage sheds come in all sizes and shapes and you can choose from many existing designs so that your own needs are perfectly met. However if you are looking to make a storage shed on a budget then you will need to know a few things about them before you get started.

Broadly speaking there are two ways you can go when trying to make storage shed. The first option that you have is that you can get a ready to assemble DIY Storage shed kit from the market. These sheds are easy to assemble and do not require a lot of effort on your part, you only have to stick to the plan and have a weekend to spare. However on the flip side these storage sheds are expensive and if you are looking for a particular design then you might want to stay away from them.

On the other hand you can make an entire shed all by yourself. In this case you will have to purchase all the material yourself but it also allows you to control all the costs involved. Yes, undoubtedly this will take more time and planning however it is not nearly as threatening as it seems. The only difference between a ready made Storage shed and a built from the ground up one is that in the former case you get all the material in one place while in the latter you are sourcing it from different places. After the material is acquired, there is very little difference.

Speaking of materials, here is the usual things that go into making a shed – lumber, nails and hinges, plywood sheets for walls and floors, corrugated iron, hammer, screw driver, tape measure, framing square, a circular or cross-cut saw. Of course your list of materials will depend upon your requirements.

There is one more thing that you need to keep in mind before making your own shed and that is getting a good set of plans. Now storage shed plans can be sourced from either the internet or a local Home improvement shop; do keep in mind that a good set of storage shed plans will have a cost and never come free, so be prepared to shell out some cash for them, rest assured it will be well worth it.

Lastly you will need to consult with your neighbors or at least inform them of your intent so that they are not disturbed by your activities. Also check with your local building authorities with regards to the laws and regulations pertaining to making a building in your area.

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